Book an appointment

The first step to writing your will is to book an appointement with the notary. Click on the button below to request the appointment. We will get back to you shortly with a date and time that are suitable to you.


Prepare for your appointment

By clicking here, you will have access to a list of documents that you will need during your first meeting.


Meet with the notary

This will be your first meeting with the notary, also referred to as an interview meeting. The notary will ask you some pertinent questions and address any issues or concerns you may have. At the end of this meeting, you will be given a date for your second appointment.


Review your document

You will receive your written will by email and will be asked to review it. It is important to review name spellings, dates, and other factual information. Keep in mind that some legal terms may be hard to understand and will be explained by the notary during the second meeting.


Sign your will

During the second meeting, the notary will read and explain your will before you sign it.

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